How to run GALA Foundation node on VPS – Digital Ocean and Vultr Guide

This article will guide you through the simple procedure of setting up the GALA foundation node on a Digital Ocean VPS or on a Vultr VPS. Running a node on VPS is extremely easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. We will be guided through the procedure of purchasing a GALA Foundation, Purchasing a VPS server for running the GALA node, and installing the headless node on your VPS server. Let’s start with an introduction

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What is a GALA node

Gala nodes are run by users to validate the transaction on the gala network and thereby securing the network. You can earn daily rewards as GALA and other GALA ecosystem tokens such as TOWN tokens and gaming NFTs by running the GALA foundation node. By running a node on your computer or on a VPS, you are becoming a part of the GALA ecosystem and thereby earning a passive income.

In the following section of this article, we will be listing the procedure to purchase a GALA foundation node from the official website.

How to Purchase GALA node from Official website

  • Create an account on GALA website ( Please use my referral code : 61977a5c9d66265b0b7fcb30 )
  • Click on the Register button and enter your details to complete the registration. You have to agree the terms and conditions and verify your email ID to complete the registration
    The next step in the account creation process, if you continue on to create a wallet, will involve you being shown a 12-word recovery phrase. It is SUPER important that you write this down and store it somewhere safe. This phrase is the key to the wallet associated with the account, and can be used to import it into third-party applications like Metamask. If you lose this 12-word recovery phrase, there is nothing that anyone can do to help you recover it. So, please, protect it so that you can always get access to your GALA and in-game items!
  • You will be landed on a wallet creation page up on verifying your email id. Choose the create wallet option to create a new Wallet on GALA.
  • On the next page, you need to set up a transfer code. This is an additional security to your account which will used to verify or complete your transactions on gala website.
  • Up on setting up the transfer code, you will have an option to see the recovery phrase. This is the most important step in the process and you need to write it down on a paper and keep it on a secure place.
    This is the only option to recover your wallet account. If anyone else get’s access to it will be able to access your wallet funds.
  • To confirm that the user has noted down the recovery phrase, in the next step the system will ask to verify the recovery phrase from the random position upon confirming your wallet will be created.

Add GALA and ETH to Purchase GALA node

As you have created a gala wallet, the next step is to recharge your wallet with GALA. The payment for the node will be paid in the GALA token and to proceed with the transaction you need to have ETH as a gas fee. in Short, you need to have both GALA and ETH to purchase. So you need to move the GALA token required to purchase node to your gala wallet created on the above step. You can do it from any wallet including Binance which allows you to withdraw gala tokens via the ERC-20 chain.

Before you are going to fill the wallet with GALA, we need to know how much GALA token is required to purchase the node. This will be changed as per the GALA node price and the price in USD is increased after every 100 nodes are sold out!

To check the number of GALA required to purchase nodes, please follow the below steps.

  • From Menu Bar choose Get GALA menu
  • Click on the Get Node button
  • In this page the number of GALA required to purchase node will be shown.

Instead of following the above steps, you can simply visit the following link which will take you to the page where it will show the number of GALA required to purchase the foundation node

Now, click on the Inventory menu to go back to your wallet and fill it with GALA and ETH to purchase a node

Click on the GALA (Ethereum blockchain) to deposit GALA to your wallet from another wallet. Clicking on the Get GALA[ETH] in the next step will show you the deposit address. Send gala to this address through ERC-20 chain.

Follow the similar step to add ETH to your wallet. You need to choose an Ethereum wallet to get the ETH deposit address. You may need an ETH balance between 0.002 and 0.01. Recharge with a bit higher amount as the gas will change as per the Ethereum network congestion!

Deposit gala to GALA website

Once you have received the GALA in your wallet, You can proceed with the purchase process of the GALA node!

Read to purchase node? Go to the page

You can select how many nodes are required and read the terms of conditions, Privacy Policy, and the not investment policy, and tick the checkbox

Gala node purchase process

Click on the Place Order and you will be landed on the order summary page where you will have the option to choose the gas fee for the transaction.

Gala node purchase summary

I suggest you choose the sending fee as Medium by dragging the pointer!

Upon confirming the transaction, you will receive a welcome email from GALA team

Email confirmation of node purchase

How to Run Gala node on Computer

It’s very easy to run a node on your local machine. At the time of writing this article, you can run a gala node on a computer with minimum configuration. Most importantly, you can run it on your personal computer while you work on it. The simple gala application will run in the background without consuming much computer resources!

At the time of writing, you need macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher / Windows 10 or higher to run the gala node on your personal computer. As well as the node should be online for at least 6 hours a day to get the reward.

Download Gala node application for Windows

Download GALA node for Mac

After downloading the application, please install it on your computer like any other application and run it. Upon opening, it will ask you for the login information. You need to log in using your GALA website credentials and start the node. The progress will be shown in the upper right corner of the application. Please refer to the screenshot.

Running gala node on computer

How to Run Gala Node on a VPS Server – Digital Ocean or Vultr

Most of the people who have purchased a GALA node is facing difficulty while running a GALA node on a Virtual Machine aka VPS. Luckily, running a GALA node on VPS is one of the easiest set up I have ever seen for running a node. Even a newbie who has never dealt with web servers or VPS can easily set a GALA node on a Digital Ocean VPS or Vultr VPS.

At the time of writing this article, a gala node can be run on a VPS machine with a basic configuration. That will cost you only $5/month on DigitalOcean and Vultr.

How to Purchase a Digital Ocean VPS Droplet for Running Node

I have decided to include the VPS purchase flow as well in this article as many may not be aware of the same. I will only include the setup instructions from Digital Ocean. You can follow similar instructions to get VPS from Vultr as well.

DigitalOcean Signup link

Vultr Sign up Link

Below is the step by step procedure to sign up and set up a VPS droplet on DigitalOcean

  • Sign up with DigitalOcean by providing the basic information and verify your email id.
  • After verifying the email account, you need to connect a payment method to activate your account
  • After identity verification, you will get access to the projects page
  • Click on Create – Droplets
  • By default the latest Ubuntu version will be selected on DigitalOcean( Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) X 64 ) and Plan as Basic shared CPU model which works fine for running our node.
  • Choose any server location as it doesn’t matter for running a GALA node.
  • You can choose Authentication type as Password and enter a secure password for your VPS login
  • Choose a hostname for your VPS as well for identification
  • Once done, click on the create droplet button to create the droplet. This will take few seconds to minutes to complete

Please don’t choose IPV6 option while creating the Droplet as GALA node will not run on IPV6 enabled droplet

Install GALA node on Digital Ocean VPS

  • After creating a droplet, you can access your droplets at
  • Click on the “More” link available towards your droplet name and click on access console. You can also use the applications such as putty to access the console. On Mac, you can use the terminal.
Digital ocean droplet
  • Click on Launch Droplet Console on the next page. This will open up a new console window
launch droplet
digital ocean terminal for installing gala node
  • Copy paste the following command and click enter. The apt upgrade command upgrades packages to their latest versions and installs new packages if they are required as dependencies
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

It may take a few seconds to minutes to complete the upgrade and update process.

  • Once done, copy paste the following command and hit enter to download the GALA node from official website and install it on your server
wget; sudo bash
  • A confirmation window will be poped up just hit enter to confirm and proceed
gala node installation process on VPS
  • In the screen enter your email id and password from gala website. You need to use the arrow keys in keyboard to move. Once you enter your user name and password, use the arrow key to test the connection.
configure email and password on gala node
  • It will show Test successful if you have entered your username and password correctly
test the account configuration
  • Now use the keyboard arrow keys and select Save option. Hit enter to save the configuration
Save the gala node account details
  • Once saved, use the down key on your keboard and select Exit. Hit enter to exit from the confuguration window
  • Worlkload selection window will be appeared where you need to select the Founders by using the arrow key and move to save and hit enter to save the selection
choose the workload founder node
  • Once done, select Exit using arrow key and hit enter to exit the window which will show the installation successful window
GALA node VPS installation completed
  • Hit Enter to close the window and it will show the status of node running
Gala node running status on VPS
  • You can check the status of node at any time by running the following command
systemctl status gala-node.service
  • Use the following commands to stop and start the service
systemctl stop gala-node.service

systemctl start gala-node.service

That’s it. Now you are running the GALA node on VPS!

How to check node running status on GALA website

It’s very easy to track the node running status from your gala website dashboard. Follow the below steps to check the node running status. Luckily, The node running status is monitored by the gala team by default and you will be notified by email whenever your GALA node goes offline.

Gala node running status on website

Let me know if you are facing any issues running the GALA node on VPS via comments!

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