5 Decentralized Platforms Where You Can Earn Crypto For Uploading or Watching Videos

I’ve been a Youtuber for several years. I started my Youtube crypto career way back in early 2018. The reason I am addicted to cryptocurrency is because of the booming of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins in the market. I have made profits with them before either through trading, long-term holding, airdrops and bounty programs.

I also realized that there many ways to earn cryptocurrencies. One thing that I liked about crypto and blockchain is that it opens the door for new possibilities, and one of them is to earn them through watching videos.

Do you know that you can earn crypto by submitting blog posts?

Without further ado, here are the five decentralized platforms where you can upload or watch videos and earn cryptocurrencies at the same time.

1. Verasity

All I can say that this is a platform that cannot be underestimated. Verasity is one of the best platforms where I can earn cryptocurrencies for watching videos. It is an attention-based decentralized platform that gives us rewards for creating or watching videos, playing games and entertainment. I also see Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao endorsing this revolutionized platform.

watching videos on Verasity to make crypto

The first time I heard about Verasity was on Bitcointalk. When I checked their official thread, I’m actually blown away with their project. Not just that they can pay us in cryptocurrencies for watching videos, but they have an app and game store at the same time. It means that they have multiple ways for us to earn income.

Verasity has two tokens, VRA and VRAB. The difference between them is that VRA is an ERC20 token and VRAB is under the Binance chain (BEP2). The good thing about Verasity is that their token is currently listed on CoinMarketCap. Not only that, but they also have a staking program where you can stake both VRA and VRAB. The exchange ratio between VRA and VRAB is 1:1.

Despite that Verasity has multiple income streams, let’s focus on the video part. They have three types of wallet (main, staking and escrow).

To start earning tokens, you need to register an account with VeraWallet.tv. After that, you can scroll down and choose campaigns that are active. Each campaign pool has a different amount of reward pool. I’ll take CryptoNews for example. They have 500,000 VRA reward pool, and the campaign would end until all rewards are claimed.

For you to be eligible in receiving the rewards, you should watch some of their videos. As you click the Play button, there’s a clickable trophy on the upper right corner of the video. Once you finished watching the video, click the trophy and you’ll receive the reward in VRA instantly. Simple as that. The more videos you watch, the more tokens you earn.


Another video platform that pays me to watch videos and other tasks is no other than LBRY. This platform has been around for a while since 2016.

LBRY TV to earn crypto by watching videos

The first time I heard about LBRY is from a post on Bitcointalk. I was curious about LBRY because it’s still new and has no possibility to compete with Youtube, Dailymotion and other video sharing platforms.

I set aside LBRY for two years until a crypto friend of mine has posted about this platform. He said that time that we can earn passive income every month with LBRY if our Youtube channel has at least 1,000 subscribers. All I have to do is sync the Youtube channel in their platform, and my account is created.

After I synced my Youtube channel, I earned 90 LBC instantly in their platform. LBC is the ticker symbol of LBRY Credits. This token can be traded in various platforms. You can earn LBC through watching videos, completing simple tasks, inviting friends and so on.

Just like Verasity, LBRY is also listed on CoinMarketCap. As I have gone through the entire platform, I can see that LBRY could be huge in a few years from now. LBRY’s all-time high was $1.66 last 2016. Since Youtube channels can be synced in LBRY platform, I can see that more and more publishers and content creators are going to use them in the near future.

3. DTube

Another promising video platform that lets me earn cryptocurrencies is DTube. They said that DTube is the decentralized version of Youtube.

Play videos and earn crypto from DTube

At first, I was not convinced about their platform. I completely underestimate them because I focused mostly on Youtube. Until one day, there was an outrage between Youtube and the cryptocurrency community regarding the sudden shutdown of various well-known channels in the crypto space.

Because of that, a lot of crypto and blockchain publishers and content creators are concerned about their future with Youtube. Just like LBRY, DTube is one of the top alternative options for Youtubers out there. Since it’s a decentralized platform, publishers and content creators have full control of their content.

When you sign in on DTube, you can connect up to 3 accounts (standalone DTube account, Steemit and Hive). The good thing about DTube is that you can earn both DTC, Steem and Hive tokens at the same time for publishing a video in their platform. Once you published the video on DTube, it will automatically publish on your Steemit and Hive accounts at the same time. Similar to LBRY, Youtube videos are compatible to watch on DTube.

Learn how to earn crypto by publishing on Hive

If you don’t want to upload a video on DTube, you can opt for a third-party provider. Just enter your Youtube video’s link along with your custom description, and you’re good to go.

Both Steemit and Hive are listed on CoinMarketCap, but DTC is still yet under a token sale.

4. BitTube

Another decentralized video platform where you can earn some cryptos for watching videos is no other than BitTube.

get a credit of crypto currency by uploading videos on BitTube

One of my foreign crypto friends that I’ve met in Makati has opened up about BitTube to me. It was the time when my colleague and I met my foreign friend on a roof deck bar. We had some pizza and drinks back then until he told me that there is a platform where I can earn some tokens for uploading videos.

Since I’m a video content creator, I am open-minded when it comes to new platforms and earn money at the same time. When I check out BitTube, I am pretty amazed despite it’s simple design and interface. BitTube has a native token called TUBE, and it’s also listed on CoinMarketCap.

BitTube’s all-time high was $0.35 last April 2018. One feature that makes then unique than the other decentralized video sharing platforms is their own browser and a Google browser extension.

BitTube’s browser can be downloaded and installed on Windows and Linux devices (MacOS not available yet). As for their add-on Google browser extension, they are totally ad-free, private and secured. Not only that, but you can also monetize the add-on with Airtime.

5. Cinema Cash

Lastly, we have Cinema Cash. Unlike those platforms I’ve mentioned, Cinema Cash content creators are getting paid in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for uploading their videos. Bitcoin Cash is currently a top 5 cryptocurrency in CoinMarketCap.

Earn Bitcoin cash by watching videos

I have never explored Cinema Cash yet, but it looks very promising to me. The platform itself allows you to stream your videos in any device like PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or television. The good thing about Cinema Cash is that all users are anonymous and private.

Just like Youtube and Netflix, more new videos are uploaded every day. It means you will never run out of entertainment. Not only you’re having fun watching these videos on Cinema Cash, but you’ll earn Bitcoin Cash at the same time.

Bitcoin Cash can be traded in multiple crypto trading platforms. Even in my local wallet, it has a Bitcoin Cash balance where I can exchange it to fiat currency. This coin was owned by Roger Ver, one of the authority figures of crypto space. I’ve met this guy twice in Manila (Token News Conference) and Singapore (Blockchain Life 2019).

Final words

Despite that Youtube is still the undisputed king of video sharing platforms, it is difficult for us to earn money there. In my case, I wasn’t qualified to become a Youtube partner despite uploading lots of quality content. In other words, I have never earned a single dime on my Youtube channel except for third-party sponsors, affiliate programs, etc. I’ve also watched a lot of videos on Youtube every day, but I never got compensated by them for my time.

Now that there are better ways to earn both as content creator and subscriber, it’s time for me to spend more time in these platforms that I’ve mentioned. I know you are thinking the same thing because you deserve to get compensated for your time in watching endless videos.

Try them for yourself. For sure, it’ll be all worth in the end. Have you earned crypto by watching videos? Let me know via comments!

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