5 Best Crypto Trading Educational Platforms

When I began exploring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the mid-2017, I only thought of them as a digital form of money. The first time that I’ve received a Bitcoin payment was from a writing gig. He told me that a Bitcoin wallet was needed for me to receive payment.

Sometime in 2014, I have created a Bitcoin wallet in the Philippines known as Coins PH. However, I ignored it for three years until I decided to explore cryptocurrency due to its surging price. 2017 was Bitcoin’s biggest breakthrough when it reached an all-time high of $20,000. Ethereum was around $1,400 and Ripple almost breached $4.00 before the bears took over.

As the bear market continues to trend in 2018, I started learning about cryptocurrency trading while the market is bleeding. I followed a few cryptocurrency trading coaches in the Philippines to learn their techniques. To be honest, none of them would meet my overall expectations. I was looking for trading courses that are reliable and easy to follow for cryptocurrency traders.

Luckily, there are some reliable educational platforms for cryptocurrency traders that exist up to date.

1. NewsCrypto

I can say that this is the most complete and advanced online learning platform for cryptocurrency traders. Despite that I respect other platforms, I find NewsCrypto as the undisputed learning platform for cryptocurrency trading.

newscrypto.io crypto trading learning platform

The first time that I’ve heard about NewsCrypto is from a business contact on LinkedIn. I was curious about NewsCrypto and decided to check it out. At first, I thought that it was another media website like Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, etc.

When I came into their platform, I was so blown away with their project concept. NewsCrypto Academy has three levels of training (basic, intermediate and advanced). The basic training is free to all members. However, intermediate and advanced training for cryptocurrency traders can be accessed by paying a monthly subscription in NWC tokens.

Speaking of the NWC tokens, they are now listed in CoinMarketCap and partnered with KuCoin for School. NWC tokens can be traded in KuCoin, HitBTC, etc. The good thing about the NWC tokens is that 20% of them (not the total supply) are automatically burned for every paid member subscription. It results in the token’s price surge through deflation.

To unlock the intermediate level, the monthly subscription is only for 170 NWC tokens. It includes all basic training, arbitrage, sentiment indicator, BTC SF multiple, gold vs BTC stock-flow and golden ratio multiplier. The Bitcoin RSI flow, genesis indicator and trading are other features to be released in the intermediate level soon.

For the advanced level, the monthly subscription is only for 340 NWC tokens. It includes all basic and intermediate level of training plus whale alert, inflow indicator, correlation, Mayer bands and BEAM indicator. Other advanced features like the realized price and power-law oscillator are going to be released soon.

When I learned some of their trading courses, I noticed that they have follow-up quizzes. For example, I have accessed the “Lesson 1: Starting Advices”. After studying the entire course, you should answer the quiz before proceeding to the next lesson. It is to make sure that you have studied the course very well. The courses are well-detailed, plain and simple to understand for members.

For a ridiculously low monthly subscription price, NewsCrypto is a complete package! Hands down!

2. Udemy Crypto Learning

This educational platform has been around for a few years. The first time that I have encountered Udemy was from my former client a few years ago. Before I knew Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, he opened up to me about Udemy.

Udemy course to learn crypto trading

For those of you who are not yet familiar about Udemy, it’s one of the most popular online learning platforms that exists until today. It covers a lot of niches such as personal growth, playing musical instruments, become a fluent English speaker and so on.

My former client gave me free access to an English course made by a university professor. It originally cost me $19.99 for the entire course as a newcomer (more than $100+ for a seasoned member). However, he gave me a coupon that would make me learn everything about that English course for free.

In Udemy’s platform, there are various coaches and mentors who are offering free to paid cryptocurrency trading courses. If you are a newcomer in this platform, the rates are between $18.99 to $20.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. After 30 days, these paid cryptocurrency trading courses range from $129.99 to $199.99.

Although Udemy is a bit expensive, their training videos for cryptocurrency trading are in great value.

3. Binance Academy

Binance is just a handful of cryptocurrency exchange platforms who offers cryptocurrency and blockchain education for the members. With Binance Academy, you can learn a bunch of cryptocurrency trading skills.

binance academy crypto trading course

As I look at the Binance Academy articles and videos, they look presentable to me. There are categories like blockchain, security, economics and tutorials. However, most of their cryptocurrency trading tutorials are basic stuff like the definitions of the market order, stop-limit order, limit order, the trading guide on Binance futures, advanced interface guide and so on.

One of the articles that I liked about Binance Academy is “A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Chart Patterns”. Although the course is mostly basic, it’s still helpful to me and the rest of the cryptocurrency traders worldwide. Other courses that I liked in their platform are “Selfish Mining Explained”, “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) Explained”, and “A Beginners Guide To Candlesticks Charts”.

Despite that I like their articles and videos in the Binance Academy, they don’t have complete courses of cryptocurrency trading from basic to advanced. I admit that they are still very useful to the newbies and beginners in cryptocurrency space. It’s just that their academy isn’t a complete package.

All of their training articles and videos are free, which is great for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency trading.

4. Trading Heroes

Personally, I haven’t checked much about Trading Heroes. However, some sources said that Trading Heroes are one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading education.

tradingheroes.com learn cryptocurrency trading courses

At first, I thought that it was more on forex trading. However, I realized that they also have courses for cryptocurrency trading. As I’ve checked their Articles & Tutorials section, they have so many useful stuff for the newcomers. Even if the articles and tutorials are more on forex trading, it can still be applied on cryptocurrencies.

One of the interesting articles that I’ve read from Trading Heroes is The “Batman” Chart Pattern Explained. I find it very helpful because it’s a detailed explanation with graph screenshots plus an embedded Youtube video. It gives great value to readers like me. However, I cannot say that these articles and tutorials in Trading Heroes are a complete package. It’s “kinda” close, but not quite.

They have a fixed monthly subscription of $149.00 per month for their TraderEvo program. They have up to 5 levels for you to complete their trading course. The higher the level, the greater the difficulty. You cannot skip to the next level if you cannot finish the current one first. On top of that, they have checkpoints to ensure that you have mastered your current level.

They’ll guide you exactly to the next step from the trading coach and the feedback is personalized. You will also get free access to the trading journal system of RazorJournal and a whole lot more.

They might be one of the best trading courses out there, but the price is quite expensive like Udemy.

5. Coin Academy

Last, but not the least, is Coin Academy. Just like Trading Heroes, I have never explored their crypto currency educational platform. However, they cannot be underestimated due to the quality of their information about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, trading, etc.

coinacademy.co bitcoin trading learning course

The good thing about Coin Academy is that all of their cryptocurrency courses are free. They do not charge you for learning their courses, but they do accept donations.

In their Coin Academy Courses page, they have three courses for us to choose. Out of all the three, I like the Introduction to Digital Currencies. This course alone was divided into 4 parts. The “Bitcoin For Everyone” course was divided into 8 parts, “Digital Currency Ownership Before You Begin” course with six, and “Bitcoin For Merchants” has four. More courses are likely going to be released soon in Coin Academy.

On top of that, they have a live training section. The last in-person and online live training that was conducted in Coin Academy was from Stephen Demeulenaere of Qoin Foundation. He was the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the company. Last March 21st, he conducted an online live training about “Getting Started With Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Workshop”, which was organized and hosted by Blockchain Zoo.

Although I find the training materials valuable and helpful, it’s nowhere near my expectations of learning the basics to advanced techniques of cryptocurrency trading.

Final words

All I can say is that these online learning platforms for cryptocurrency trading are very helpful. If you are confused about choosing one of them, let me give you a piece of friendly advice.

Choose an online learning platform with a complete package of cryptocurrency trading courses from the basics to the advanced level. I honestly believe that these courses don’t have to be that expensive. Free or affordable complete quality courses is what you need to get started in your cryptocurrency trading career. It’s all about saving more money from these overpriced learning resources for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

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