Best 5 Bitcoin Wallets for iOS

The growth of Bitcoin has been prevalent since they introduced themselves within the crypto market.

Although, Bitcoin does have potential in reaching new heights shortly, how users secure their Bitcoins is also important to examine.

It is usual for one to retain their coins on an exchange, however, due to consecutive, thriving hacks, the best way to securely store them is through wallets.

As you may understand, bitcoins are generally stored inside software wallets. Such wallets are open on virtually every operating system, including iOS.

With them, you can send and receive payments, make online and offline investments, monitor your investments, and more. While there are many Bitcoin wallets ready for the iPhone, not all are relatively secure and trustworthy.

It’s essential to use a wallet from a legitimate company that meets all industry guidance and goes the extra mile to defend its customers against cyber crimes.

BitCoin wallets for ios

The world of virtual assets, Cryptocurrencies has been garnering interest for a very long time now. With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, more and more aiding features also have been trying to make it to the market to set a more significant interest.

But at the same time, the security and the privacy of the one’s digital assets remains a massive issue as these cryptos are also decentralized with no jurisdiction like banks to take responsibility for its security.

Keeping the same concerns in mind, there has been much secure storage means to keep a tab on your cryptocurrencies.

There are different wallets to store your cryptocurrencies as discussed below safely, but in this article, we address the List Of Best Cryptocurrency Wallets For iPhone.

Your smartphone is an excellent device for keeping an eye on your digital assets.

It’s with you nearly all the time, it’s effectual, and there are numerous apps out there that assist you in being present in all changes happening in the cryptocurrency universe.

So we’ve summed up some of the select cryptocurrency apps that you can download right now on to your phone to keep an eye on your chosen coins, use as a virtual wallet to make sure that you’re always a step ahead.

As always with investments, be aware that your capital is at risk, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

1. Breadwallet iOS Bitcoin Wallet

Breadwallet is unanimously the market driving mobile wallet favoure for iOS.

It is a true standalone bitcoin wallet. in fact, the first iOS wallet to do so good. It doesn’t have a server that could be hacked, or could fail.

bread wallet for ios

Also, as it is connected to the Bitcoin network using SPV mode, it also does not charge extra for transactions. This is a remarkably lightweight app and thus sits conveniently on the phone.

Knowing customer requirements, it prioritizes all that you can ask for- security, ease of access, and cost-effectiveness. You can backup and restore your wallet within this app just in case you lose access to your iOS device.

The restoration phase is pretty easy in spite of its high-level security measures. Now, with this app, you can purchase Bitcoins directly through the app, in the US.

It will soon be adding other Altcoins as well in the future. The only limit present is that it works only on the Apple iOS.


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • No registration or signup needed to get started
  • Connects straight to the bitcoin network
  • Touch-ID login
  • The built-in customer support part
  • Does not assemble any customer details
  • Helps you buy bitcoin through Breadwallet app
  • A new wallet address is created automatically for every new transaction, improving privacy and protection


  • Many customers have stated issues, with both the iOS and Android version of the app freezing
  • Does not offer two-factor authentication
  • Does not provide multi-signature transactions
  • Maybe slow to sync to the bitcoin network on certain startup
  • Certain features, like buying bitcoin, expect the use of third-party services
  • Does not currently support replay protection for potential forks in the blockchain
  • Does not now support altcoins

2. MyCelium iOS Bitcoin wallet

Mycelium is another prominent iOS and Android Bitcoin wallet app that is Easy to install, for regular basis use.

Mycelium is a stable mobile bitcoin wallet that enables users to collect, transfer, and accept Bitcoin.

MyCelium iOS Bitcoin wallet

The inventors of the Mycelium wallet have been operating in the cryptocurrency scene since 2013 and have built an entire “Mycelium Ecosystem” of outcomes, with this wallet being the focus.

The project creator’s goal is to hold Bitcoin decentralized and fully in the controls of the customers, not the banks.

Mycelium is open on both iOS and Android mobile devices as a free download from their respective app stores.

The Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet provides support and security to iOS and Android mobile devices.

The wallet allows users a lot of customization choices as well as sound security.

It has some unique features like Mycelium Marketplace and third-party options which can be enabled for fiat interoperability.

It can also be linked temporarily with your cold-storage wallets or create new cold-storage wallets when coupled with the Mycelium Entropy printer.

Mycelium isn’t particularly user-friendly or aesthetically appealing, but it does get points for the “meat and potatoes” security features and address customization options of the wallet.

It’s a highly functional, if not inspiring piece of software. The Mycelium wallet best serves advanced Bitcoin users who care only for security and not appearance or simplicity.


  • Influential industry-wide reputation.
  • Open-source.
  • Combines with a range of services, including hardware wallets TREZOR and Ledger.
  • Allows several account types.
  • Fast linking to the bitcoin network.


  • No facility to sign messages.
  • No desktop interface.
  • May not be ideal for beginners.

3 Copay iOS Bitcoin Wallet

Copay is a Hierarchical Deterministic Bitcoin wallet. Copay implies that funds in the wallet app can be rebuilt using old backups, reducing the risks of losing your funds.

The added security of using separate addresses for each bitcoin transaction is also a real security feature along with multisignature abilities.

 Copay iOS Bitcoin Wallet

Copay enables users to compare prices in over 150 currencies.
Copay is open-source, free software, it is not bound to companies or individuals. Anyone can copy, modify, verify or contribute to Copay.

Copay is one of the best ways to store and access Bitcoins via a dedicated mobile phone application. As this is open-source software, the user will not be required to pay for a download.

It can be integrated with other third-party payment platforms and thanks to high levels of encryption, personal information is always safeguarded.


  • This open-source software package is free to use.
  • More than 150 different currency denominations can be accessed with a single click.
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Supports multiple wallets on one app
  • Open source
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Highly reputable wallet backed by a leading bitcoin payment firm


  • It will require advanced iOS operating systems to function correctly.
  • English is currently the single language supported by this software package.
  • Service relies on central verification, which may upset some bitcoin users
  • Maybe a steep learning curve for beginners

4. Jaxx iOS Bitcoin Wallet

Jaxx represents a significant, multi-currency wallet formed by Decentral, a well-known bitcoin company well known for their ATMs, wallet, and other settings in the virtual currency ecosystem.

The Jaxx wallet holds more than seven different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, and is also known for its cross-platform pairing feature.

Jaxx iOS Bitcoin Wallet

It also provides an easy-to-use interface, the client-side security practice, excellent design, ease-of-switch between stored coins, native camera scanning, master seed backup, and more.

Jaxx was created by Anthony Di Iorio, the co-creator of Ethereum, in 2014.

Originally, Jaxx was a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, but by 2018, as of now, it is possible to collect over 50 kinds of cryptocurrency.

The Jaxx wallet is cross-platform, which means that it can be handled on various devices and operating systems.

Presently, the Jaxx cryptocurrency platform endures in three types: the desktop version, the Jaxx app for mobile phones, and an extension for Google Chrome.

Along with this, Jaxx includes the ShapeShift service for wallets to support the exchange of cryptocurrency in the wallet.

The main trait of the Jaxx wallet is that it doesn’t need any personal data. All the information about the customer is kept on his/her device.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Extremely convenient, with mobile and desktop adaptability and seamless combination across all platforms.


  • Lacks certain security features
  • A lack of 2-factor authentication

5. Airbitz iOS Bitcoin Wallet

Airbitz is a user-friendly bitcoin wallet that allows security characteristics, an easy-to-use interface and a complete directory of bitcoin-accepting businesses near you.

Airbitz is a bitcoin wallet that enables you to buy, sell and safely store bitcoin on your mobile device.

 Airbitz iOS Bitcoin Wallet

In addition to implementing hierarchical deterministic (HD) and two-factor authentication features, Airbitz secures user funds and trade data from third parties.

This means nobody can obtain your personal data stored within the Airbitz wallet.

Airbitz was conceptually created with user experience in mind as the main factor.

Along with QR codes, the wallet holds Bluetooth Low Energy to sent funds. Account registration is very quick and simple without compromising essential security characteristics.

Airbitz’s Business Directory presents a map of all bitcoin-accepting businesses near you. This feature makes Airbitz one of the unique bitcoin wallets available.


  • Beginner friendly with an easy-to-use interface
  • Robust security features, including two-factor authentication
  • Stores 12 popular cryptos
  • Offers in-app exchanges and crypto purchases
  • Open-source code


  • Lack of web interface
  • Some features still coming soon at time of writing

Wrapping UP

As mobile wallets are fastly growing to be one of today’s most popular payment technologies, the user experience is a primary factor to look for when choosing it.

Always Keep in mind that it is your duty to choose your wallet carefully and adopt good practices to protect your money.

As the world is getting even more digital and users are saving all their financial and personal information in apps, implementing a comprehensive and effective security system is the ultimate goal of any financial services provider.

Do you use any other Bitcoin wallets for iOS to store your bitcoins?

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