Best 9 Places to Buy Bitcoin Using Credit Card

When you first enter the world of virtual currencies, you are awed by the potentialities of the cryptos. As an investor your most possible selection would be Bitcoin.

However, let me tell you that choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in is quite an easy decision.

buying bitcoins using credit cards

But, the choice of the exchange is a lot confusing because you are going to invest funds in it.

Hence, a right decision may prove worthwhile the lousy decision may present you with a significant loss.

You have to choose an exchange that provides you with the kind of services that you prefer.

If you are an investor looking for places you can buy bitcoin with credit cards, this article is for you.

How Does This Work?

Many investors actually prefer buying bitcoins with credit cards, if that’s what you prefer your exchange should be able to render that service.

Buy crypto using credit card

First, let me tell you that purchasing Bitcoin using a credit card is not at all cheap. It will never be the affordable or most practical method to purchase Bitcoins online.

The charges will always be much greater than doing a bank wire.

The reason behind this is it is a substantial risk for a company to sell Bitcoins by debit/credit cards because of chargebacks.

Despite this, at times you need to make a buying fast. But always keep in mind that several of these are “base rates,” and there may be more charges involved besides these base rates.

Various exchanges use “variable rates” for certain conditions, so check your fees before hitting the confirm button.

Finding The Right Exchange

Each cryptocurrency service might have its own constraints around paying by card, which can affect how long it takes and how cost-effective it is.

To be more specific, you would have noted that bitcoin will likely count as a cash advance, with commensurately high-interest rates. You’ll want to make sure you can pay off the purchase.

When comparing your options, look at:

Cards accepted:

Like any other service, not all Credit cards will be admitted everywhere. Make sure that the exchange you go for is suitable for your card.

Transfer limits:

You might find yourself facing with low transfer limits at the beginning. However, the limits would grow over time as you make more transactions.

The credit card transaction limit might be different from other payment methods.

Currency exchange fees:

Look out for currency exchange fees in general. If you’re making use of an Indian credit card on an overseas exchange, then you could be paying the credit card to currency exchange rates.

A 0% foreign charged credit card might be helpful for cutting costs.

Top 9 Exchanges for Buying Bitcoin Using Credit Cards

Here is a list of 9 great exchanges that let you buy bitcoins with a credit card.


Coinbase is the greatest Bitcoin exchange worldwide. It has more than 20 million customers from 32 countries around the world.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on coinbase

With over 7 million users and global coverage, Coinbase is likely the most successful cryptocurrency exchange right now.

Customers in the US can deposit funds to their Coinbase accounts from normal bank accounts, PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

The last option is expressly attractive since it allows you to buy bitcoins in an instant, making it reasonable for you to dynamically counter to Bitcoin’s ever-changing exchange rate.

You just need to confirm your user account by uploading a photo of a valid ID, which will be automatically processed by Coinbase and affirmed in a few minutes.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is a Helsinki based startup system that combines owners of bitcoins with people who would like to buy some.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on localbitcoins

Local Bitcoins acts as a middleman that shields both parties until the trade is finalized, presenting a secure platform for conversation as well as a built-in bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin sellers on Local Bitcoin allow all kinds of payment methods, which includes credit card, Pay, Amazon gift card, and others.

Before you can initiate a bitcoin purchase request on Local Bitcoins, you need to authenticate your user account by uploading a legitimate ID.

Sellers on Local Bitcoin can deny trading with you unless you use a real name, but many don’t mind if you don’t.


CEX.IO is a new bitcoin exchange that allows all popular payment methods, such as credit card/debit card, bank transfer, etc.

buy bitcoin on cex using credit card

The exchange has universal coverage, supports cross-platform trading, and complies with statutory regulations in the United Kingdom.

User accounts on CEX.IO are subdivided into several sections such as Basic, Verified, Verified Plus, and Corporate. With a Basic account, you can deposit up to $300 a day and up to $1,000 a month.

With a Verified account, you can collect up to $10,000 a day and up to $100,000 a month. Verified Plus and Corporate accounts don’t have any deposit limits.


If you want to get your bitcoins anonymously, you could get a prepaid card not connected with your name and use it to store money on CoinMama.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on coinmama

This Bitcoin portal enables anyone to instantly buy bitcoins without ID verification and with just a few clicks.

The minimum you can buy is $10, and CoinMama’s credit card processing service prices a 5.65-per cent fee.

It normally takes less than 24 hours from the instant you make the payment to the moment you get your bitcoins, depending on how busy the Bitcoin network is at the time of your buying.

Bitcoin.Com is a prominent Bitcoin platform with a simple bitcoin exchange service.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on

The exchange service is associated with the wallet, which is a simple but highly useful bitcoin wallet that should satisfy the needs of both Bitcoin newbies and seasoned veterans. holds both single and multi-signature wallets. The wallet is based on the open source Copay wallet, making it thoroughly secure and stable.

Besides buying bitcoins, you can also use as an online bitcoin wallet and as a vast source of Bitcoin-related news. There are even a forum section and bitcoin games. has an excellent iOS wallet that is associated with your account, allowing you to buy and accept bitcoin with anyone any place in the world.


Bitit is an international crypto exchange based in Paris, France. At present, users of Bitit can buy both Bitcoin and Ethereum on the exchange by a great number of payment modes.

buying bitcoins using credit card on bitit

While customers can purchase these cryptocurrencies on Bitit, they can not trade or sell them on the Bitit exchange.

Because of this sole reason, the Bitit exchange is not as widespread as the exchanges that enable users to sell and bid on cryptocurrencies.

Bitit is an excellent exchange for a user who is in search of an easy to use cryptocurrency exchange to buy both Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The Bitit website is elegantly designed and is very easy to follow. New users of Bitit can sign up in a few simple steps. This is a very engaging benefit for anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum fast and conveniently.

Bitit has been running for a while now, and we haven’t heard of any significant issues about this platform, which indicates it is a safe platform to use.


Terrexa makes its place up with an easy registration and exchange procedure and with excellent customer support along with features that you would get on the big exchanges.

It only concentrates in BTC and ETH, but that enables it to offer some of the highest rates seen for these currencies.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on terrexa

The UI seems elegant, and the exchange method is said to be stable with no obstacles. Fees are low compared to the competition.
All in all, it’s an excellent portal for rookies to get their first taste of crypto trading without unnecessary complications, and gain some experience.

It will also work well for people who want to buy and hold crypto for the long-run.


SpectroCoin is a high starting point for newcomers as it is straightforward to use and offered in multiple languages.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on spectrocoin

They currently provide Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, and NEM and have a considerable number of current fiat currencies and payment methods.

I hope they soon execute price charts as it would give a more dynamic feel to the website.


Bitpanda, an Australia based cryptocurrency trading platform, has grown as a favourite site lately. The site offers different payment modes to attract users to this site.

buying bitcoins using credit cards on bitpanda

It provides three types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, but will soon expand its platform by offering many other cryptos. It is a very reliable site and most fit in European countries.

However, the section only provides the service of purchasing bitcoins only to European residents and does not offer this service to the customers from other countries.

We’d all love to come across an exchange where buying Bitcoin using credit card payments is swift, smooth, cheap and safe. Sadly, there isn’t an exchange that has all of these qualities in one place.

It’s up to the user to find an exchange that fits his or her preferences and is still safe and secure.

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