Cryptocurrency Exchange Wazirx Announced Bitcoin Trading Competition

Being a premier cryptocurrency exchange in India, Wazirx is popular among bitcoin traders in India.

After the banking ban imposed by RBI has been lifted by court order, most of the bitcoin exchanges in India has started operating as normal as earlier.

Wazirx is one of the exchange which has quickly restored the INR deposit and withdrawal direct to the bank account after the banking ban has been lifted.

Within two years of launching the service, Wazirx has become a popular exchange among the cryptocurrency traders.

In a recent announcement, Nischal has shared the news of the acquisition of Wazirx by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Wazirx’s INR deposits are being confirmed very quickly and the withdrawals are being processed in no time.

The Wazirx volume is relatively good among other Indian cryptocurrency exchanges. The good volume helps to execute your limit orders very quickly and the same is good for intraday traders who are higher volume of trades.

Wazirx has been conducted many trading competitions in the past to reward the highest traders in the platform.

The same bounty program is returning to Wazirx after restoring the direct deposit and withdrawal of INR.

Wazirx highest trader kaun competition

In a recent announcement on Medium, Wazirx has announced the relaunching of their highest trader kaun competition for BTC/INR pair.

As per the notification, the bitcoin/INR trading competition will be running for one day and the winners will be rewarded with 1 lakh rupees worth bitcoin.

How to Participate in the Wazirx Contest and Win Free Bitcoin

The winners will be decided in two categories. The one who places most number of trades and the one who have highest volume of trades.

Please note that this competition is running only for BTC/INR pair. The volume of the trade or number of trades you are placing on other pairs will not be counted for this competition.

Competition Timing and Winners Selection Criteria

The highest trader kaun competition will be starting on 27th March 2020 starting from 9:00 in the morning which will be running till 9:00 on the same day.

The single-day competition will be rewarded with 100000 INR worth of bitcoin.

To be eligible for the highest trader kaun reward, the user might have traded for at least INR 50000 worth bitcoin for volume traders and to be considered for the highest number of trader reward, the user might have placed at least 50 trades in this pair.

The amount of BTC user win in the Competition

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, the winners will be selected based on two criteria.

The users who will be trading the most number of BTC will be rewarded. As well as the users who place the most number of trades also will be rewarded.

The highest volume of traders will be rewarded as mentioned below.

  1. The highest volume trader will win 0.0472 BTC ~ 25000 INR
  2. The second highest volume of trader will win 0.0302 BTC ~ 16000 INR
  3. The third highest volume trader will be rewarded 0.0226 BTC ~ 12000
  4. The next 17 highest volume traders each will receive 0.0018 BTC ~1000

This means that there will be a total of 20 winners in the highest volume trader kaun competition category.

The highest number of Trades will be rewarded as stated below.

  1. The highest number of trades will be rewarded with 0.0170 BTC ~ 9000 INR
  2. The second-highest number of trades will be rewarded with 0.0094 BTC ~ 5000 INR
  3. The third-highest number of trades will be credited with 0.0045 BTC ~ 2400INR
  4. The next 17 highest number of trades will be receiving 0.0015 BTC each ~ 800INR

There will be a total of twenty winners in the highest number of trades competition as well.

At the end of the competition, A total of 40 winners will be announced and rewarded with 100000 INR worth of BTC in total.

Total bounty rewarded in the highest volume trader will be 70000 and a total of 30000 INR will be rewarded for the highest number of trades placed users.

Contest Leaderboard

The content leaderboard will be accessible over the URL You will be able to see your current position on both section of the highest volume and highest number of trades.

Best of luck to you!

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