5 Blogging Platforms That You Can Earn Cryptocurrencies For Free

I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and counting. From Blogspot to WordPress, and now into decentralized blogging. I had to admit that it’s a lot of work to monetize my blogs by placing banners, ads, affiliate links, etc. It took me some time to finally make some money in traditional blogging.

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However, my eyes went glowing after finding out some blogging platforms that would let me earn cryptocurrencies instantly. I can start earning right away by just signing up an account, creating and curating content, building followers and so on.

Without further ado, here are the five blogging platforms that give us the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

1. Steemit

In my early days of exploring cryptocurrency, I thought about earning some coins or tokens for blogging. It’s where Steemit comes into play. Steemit is probably the pioneer of decentralized blogging.

steemit decentralizd bloggin

It is where you can earn Steem tokens by just simply create and curate the content of your interest. You can register for free with Steemit, but it will take you several days to wait before your account is created.

However, you can make the approval process faster if you’re willing to pay small amounts of Steem tokens.

There are three kinds of balances known as Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power. The more Steem Power you have, the more influence you get that results to bigger revenue in content curation.

In order for you to earn Steem tokens and Steem Dollars, you need to build real followers and create helpful content with appropriate keywords and hashtags. On top of that, there are various communities you can join and post your content.

The revenue of your blog post depends on the upvotes of users. However, your revenue will be split between you and the curators. You would be lucky if there’s someone with a lot of Steem Power who upvoted your post that might give you some decent income.

In my case, there’s a guy with a lot of Steem Power who liked some of my content and upvoted my post. I notice that every time he upvotes my content, I earn an average of $8.00 or $9.00 per blog post.

You cannot instantly withdraw the funds yet. You can withdraw it once 7 days have passed, depends on the revenue you’ve generated in the blog post.

Your blog post can only earn some Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power until 7 days are up. After that, your post cannot earn anymore and will be stored on the Steem blockchain.

Not only that, but your post also cannot be deleted after 7 days is up. If you want to delete it, you should do so before 7 days are up. The Steem token can be traded in various exchanges in the market.

The Steemit platform was formerly owned by Ned Scott, which he already sold it to Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation.

2. Hive.blog

Another interesting blog platform that you can earn cryptocurrencies for free is no other than Hive.blog. A group of former Steem developers and supporters have developed the Hive blockchain, and Hive.blog was born.

It was currently the hard fork of Steem after Justin Sun acquired the Steemit platform. The reason is that after Justin Sun acquired Steemit, there’s a huge backlash and drama between the management and the community that results to the hard fork.

hive.blog earn free crypto

For me, I don’t want to stick to the drama between Steemit and Hive.blog. This hard fork version of Steemit is another earning opportunity for me, and so as others who remained neutral and distancing themselves from the tensions between Steemit and Hive.blog.

Just like Steemit, Hive.blog also has the same kind of earning system but with different terms. In Hive blog, you can earn Hive token, Hive Dollar and Hive Power. This blogging platform almost had the same functions as Steemit, but it’s more decentralized and giving more governance to the community.

I currently have two Steemit accounts, in which both of them are auto-created to Hive.blog with the same details. However, Hive.blog is fully independent on Steemit. Therefore, any post that are published on Hive.blog will not count on Steemit. The same thing goes if you are posting content on Steemit first.

For now, Hive tokens can be traded in Ionomy exchange platform.

3. Uptrennd

The first time that I’ve encountered Uptrennd was from my crypto colleague who told me that there’s a Reddit-type platform that lets me earn cryptocurrencies. Some of them believe that Uptrennd would overtake Reddit in the near future due to its strong user base.

uptrennd blockchain bloggin

It’s not just a decentralized Reddit-type platform, but it can also be used as another source for blogging. In Uptrennd, you can earn points that can be converted to 1UP cryptocurrency for contributing, upvoting, sharing, commenting.

You can also use the points for levelling up your account that would result to more rewards for every contribution you have on their platform.

Just like Steemit and Hive.blog, Uptrennd has lots of communities for you to choose and create your blog post. I hate to compare, but Uptrennd is more user-friendly and you have no problem with upvotes and comments from the community.

There are some rules for creating a Uptrennd post. There’s what we call “Original Content” and “Non-Original Content”, which you need to be careful about those options. If you are sharing a top media news link, it should be marked as non-original content. However, I just see that non-original content has less exposure and traffic than those posts with original content.

4. Publish0x

Another interesting blogging platform that I would like to check out is Publish0x. Not just that you can earn by contributing content, but by reading blog posts from other publishers too.

publish0x blogging platform to earn cryptocurrency

In order for you to become an author on Publish0x, you need to sign up an account and submit your application as an author. You may need to wait for at least 24 hours for them to approve you as an author. Once you are approved, you are eligible to create blog posts.

In order for you to get rewarded for your blog posts, you must build followers to generate more tips. Every time a reader tipped your content, both you and the reader would earn money.

The secret to gaining more tips per content is to continue to create high-quality and helpful blog posts. In that way, the community would begin acknowledging your content and start tipping it.

Publish0x also has an ambassador program where you can invite friends to sign up under your referral link. Every time the user you refer tipped a blog post, you’ll get 5% commission for life.

They will soon add a feature where they will be hosting bounty programs that give potential extra income to hunters.

5. Read.cash

Lastly, there is a decentralized blogging platform that lets you earn cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). I haven’t explored this yet, but it looks promising. Read.cash was just launched last November 2019, and I honestly like their platform.

read.cash earn crypto by blog posting

Although it looks much simpler than any other decentralized blogging platforms I’ve shared, but it cannot be underestimated. Bitcoin Cash is currently ranked 5th in CoinMarketCap.

Registration in Read.cash is absolutely free. Just like all of the blogs that I’ve mentioned, creating valuable and helpful content is the key to gain more followers and public reputation.

They have a community and small forum section about Bitcoin Cash on their website as well. Be sure that you should choose the right community before posting the content that you would like to share. You need to have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash to grab the reward.

The CEO and founder of Bitcoin Cash is no other than Roger Ver. I’ve met him twice in Manila and Singapore in cryptocurrency events. Bitcoin Cash can be traded in various exchanges that are listed on CoinMarketCap.

Final thoughts

All I can say is that as a blogger myself, I am totally blown away of these decentralized platforms that let me earn cryptocurrencies for free for just blogging, upvoting, reading and commenting. If you are about to start your blogging career and want to earn cryptocurrencies in an instant, you might wanna try any of these platforms that I’ve shared right now.

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